Women’s Military Memorial

Fort Douglas Women’s Military Memorial

Shoes have and always will be a fetish of many women.  They are also great metaphors of where we have traveled in life.  Thus a key ingredient in telling the story and journey of women in the military.  The WW1 nurse of yesterday is respectfully bending over to speak to her modern representative.

Oh the stories she could tell this modern female warrior!  How difficult it has been for women to be treated with the same respect as the men, how long they have fought to serve their country to their full potential.  yet here she is, this modern woman in full battle fatigues, proof that the battle for equality is not in vain.

Women are serving in ever greater roles in our military, this monument seeks to tell this story but more importantly to honor all they have done regardless of role, rank or level of sacrifice!  It has been my great honor to create such a special, long overdue monument.

Jerime is currently working on the Fort Douglas Museum Women’s Military Memorial. This project is the largest and most important such project in the Western United States honoring our veteran and serving military women. Currently, one monument has been completed with the four to five more scheduled.

This honorary monument requires your support. If you would like to donate or have further inquires about this project please contact Su at the Fort Douglas Museum for details.

Fort Douglas Contact Information:

32 Potter Street  Fort Douglas, Utah 84113
(801) 581-1251

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