Veteran’s Memorial

Veteran’s Vietnam Memorial

This client asked for a monument that would demonstrate the cooperative effort of the American soldiers and those of South Vietnam.  They wanted it to feel unified and demonstrate a sense of team work and victory even though ultimate victory was not the actual outcome.  Their idea was that there were some small victories for those Vietnamese who were able to make it to America and start new lives but also to represent the hope that some day there will be victory and freedom to their countrymen. Thus we decided it important to include each soldiers respective flag. The poles of which would be slightly angled to form the shape of a V for this idea of small and yet future victories.

The soldiers are close, both in the same pose, eyes pointing the same direction, signaling their unity and singular vision for a free Vietnam.  The Vietnamese Community of Utah allowed me to be a small part in a work of art that both honored the Amercian sacrifice and their unified vision of a free Vietnam.  I am so very honored to have worked with them.


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