Victory I

Shall Not Be Infringed


Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture

This sculpture is a commentary on the Second Amendment.  Both figures represent minutemen.   As the original minuteman was simply a member of the community who might have had the latest in arms technology of his day, and understood his right and responsibility to defend his community so too is the modern minuteman.  He is but a reflection of his forebear and walking in lock step.

They are moving to the “right” but watching for danger from the “left”.  The Older of the two has chosen the path to walk, deciding to stay on solid footing.  The three rocks thus represent the 3 main documents that give us our foundation and our rights; the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

The modern minuteman has stepped off the main path representing an unsure and dangerous course.  This is meant to symbolize the idea that we are currently close to losing many of our rights but especially the Second Amendment.

There are many footprints running all directions across the base, through the mud that represents the varied opinions of men concerning the proper course for our country.  But again there is only one path through the mud that ensures good footing.

Ultimately this sculpture reminds us of the true nature of the Second Amendment, which had nothing to do with hunting or leisure but everything to do with the natural law and right to protect oneself from any attack, whether it be in the form of a personal attack or the greater threats of tyranny and oppression.   Thus “Shall Not Be Infringed” should ring true to every liberty minded American in the Country.

Dimensions (Inches): 19 H x 8 W x 8 D

Price: $6,500.00