Leading the Way

Leading the Way

Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture

This monument for Lehi High School is a representation of a Trail Leader, or trail Boss that would have accompanied many of the 500,000 pioneer people that came by way of wagon over the great western trails to new lives in the West.

A Trail Boss was responsible for an entire wagon train that could consist of hundreds of men, women and children.  He was a man well versed in all the skills needed to cross such unforgiving country.  He was well armed with pistol and rifle and often had a partner accompany him as they rode out in front of the train.  His partner would carry a shotgun, while he had the rifle thus giving sway to the term “riding shotgun”.  His Horse rears up because of a disturbance.

He readies his rifle, His eyes are tight, vision is clear and you can be sure that his pioneer train will travel in safety under his dedicated leadership.

Dimensions (Feet): 5 H x 4 W x 2 D

Price: $20,000.00