Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture

The hooded Christ knows depression, fear, sadness and crippling agony.  He is about to enter that place called Gethsemane, wherein his sacrifice for all mankind will begin.

His furrowed brow and depressed countenance tell the story that he knows what is coming, to some degree, his omnipotent mind is fully aware of the agony that is about to be his and his alone.  Yet perhaps the greatest cause of his sadness and overwhelming depression comes not from the impending pain and agony but from from his knowledge of those who will shun his sacrifice, who in their pride and stubbornness be required to suffer even as he has suffered, which suffering caused Him even God the greatest of all to tremble because of pain, and would that he might not have to drink the bitter cup!

Dimensions (Inches): 16 H x 12 W x 10 D

Price: $4,000.00