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Life-Sized Bust

The hooded Christ knows depression, fear, sadness and crippling agony. He is about to enter that place called Gethsemane, wherein his sacrifice for all mankind will begin. His furrowed brow and depressed countenance tell the story that he knows what is coming, to some degree, his omnipotent mind is fully aware of the agony that is about to be his and his alone.

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Price: $4,000.00

The Ninety and Nine


Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture

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This Piece was based off the scripture which speaks of the Savior Leaving the ninety nine to search for the one lost lamb. I chose to portray this idea in a western theme with a sheep rancher bringing one of his smallest new lambs off the steep and treacherous mountain.

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Price: $3,000.00
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Victory I


Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture

The Savior has just announced,"it is finished", his Spirit is now leaving his body. His first Victory over sin is finished and his light smile demonstrates his contentment and satisfaction that all that was asked is now fully completed.

His smaller body and wing like arms represent the spirit that is now completely mobile and free from a pain racked body, but yet to be perfected in all the glory that will be his in his coming Resurrection.

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Price: $6,500.00

Victory II


Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture

Jesus in all His Splendor and Glory. His spirit has just entered a glorified, perfected body. Represented by a more powerful barrel chest, strong arms, shoulders and flowing hair. Now His Victory over sin and death are complete. His joy is greater than even that when he atoned for all our sins.

His mouth is open, his joy now full as if in a gasp of absolute splendour and happiness.

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Price: $7,000.00