A Solitary Wanderer

A Solitary Wanderer

Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture

A bull moose wanders through a dry creek bed.  He is unaccustomed to such dry conditions and is moving on to find other suitable water laden feeding sources.  He is looking back from where he came not only to review his long trail, and to take in the once fertile creek that now runs dry, but to also make certain no one is following.  The wild is a dangerous place, even for a large bull moose.

This Sculpture represents us all, even the strongest of us who in times of trial we often get depressed, fearful of our future, alone in the wilderness of modern life.  We have all waded through what was supposed to be a great experience only to find it a dry creek bed, void of life or promise.  In such times we may feel alone and solitary but just like the old bull moose we wander on, looking for the next spring of water, the next source of hope.

Dimensions (Inches): 14 H x 9 W x 6 D

Price: $3,500.00