Cedar City Veterans Memorial Park Makes the News

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to the Korean War Memorial is a 7-foot-tall bronze soldier sculpted by Jerime
Hooley, who said the statue represents the “humble gratitude and
respect” the American people hold for the nation’s veterans.”

Deseret News reports on yesterday’s dedication of the Korean War Memorial, of several veterans’ memorials
located in the recently-built Veterans Park in Cedar City. The park, located in a beautiful location along Coal Creek, includes memorials to the local veterans of World War I (“The Great World War”), World War II, the Korean War, Vietnam, and Iraq.

The story of the Vietnam War Memorial, which had some difficulty raising funds, tells much about how that war is still
viewed in the U.S.: A small group of veterans willing to come forward held raffles and hamburger lunches to raise money. They were surprised by my support. “You weren’t in that war,” they observed. “I was too young,” I acknowledged. Actually I have never served in the military. But regardless of how misguided our government’s policies were in Southeast Asia, I feel strongly that the men who served in Vietnam served their country well, perhaps more so because of their commanders’ ineptitude. They deserve to be recognized with all our other veterans.

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